Whangarei Tooth Extraction and Brushing: Here's what parents need to know

Our Whangarei tooth extraction processes are state of the art. In fact, everything we do here at Kowhai Dental is designed to provide excellent oral care for every member of your family. We want to be a part of your family’s oral hygiene team at every stage. 

That’s why we put together some tips on motivating your children to brush after a Whangarei tooth extraction. 

It’s often the case that your child will need to have a baby tooth pulled because sometimes an adult tooth gets impatient and starts to crowd and push its way before that temporary version is ready to go. These baby teeth aren’t generally difficult to pull out. Our concern is the socket might be a little tender for some time afterwards. 


Kowhai Dental is all about being proactive when it comes to your family’s dental health. We use all of the latest technology combined what’s new with the kind of traditional techniques you find comforting. Our goal is to give every member of your family outstanding care in Northland.  

That said, we thought we’d put together a few tips on keeping your children motivated for brushing after a Whangarei tooth extraction.  

Be positive  

This could very well be a situation where you need to bring out your best parenting skills. Not only do you need to encourage your child, you might even need to help them to continue brushing. It’s a good idea to reinforce their bravery at the dentist and tell them a little story that  they will be able to understand. Something simple about how the new big tooth is anxious and happy to have room to grow in.

Make sure to add the fact that it needs to be cared for with brushing.  

Brush in stages  

If your son or daughter is a little apprehensive about brushing after a Whangarei tooth extraction, that’s to be expected.  We also like to suggest if that’s the case you can start slowly. Encourage them to brush other areas in stages. You can let them clean one area of their teeth, wait a little, then move on as they feel comfortable.  

Stick to it  

The sensitivity from having a tooth pulled lasts for only a few days. It’s important for Mom and Dad to find a way to keep them brushing during this period.  We’re always happy to answer any questions about Whangarei tooth extraction.  

Allan Pollett