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Endoscopic Periodontal Treatment


Perioscopy® – A new way to treat gum disease

Perioscopy® is a specialised endoscope adapted for the treatment of periodontal disease. Endoscopes are used in many medical treatments like gallbladder surgery and joint surgeries, which allow the surgeon to “see” the surgical site without the need to cut open the body. The use of endoscopes allow a minimally invasive approach to treatment which shortens healing time, minimises discomfort after the procedure and costs much less to perform. Perioscopy® also shares these benefits in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Before Perioscopy®, a specialist dentist known as a Periodontist, would perform gum surgery to expose the affected roots of teeth to clean off all deposits that cause periodontal disease. The surgical procedure involves cutting the gums and pulling them away from the roots of teeth to see and remove the deposits that could not be removed with normal scaling by the hygienist. The periodontal surgery, although effective, is invasive, which can be uncomfortable, expensive and takes a significant time to heal.  

The use of the Perioscopy® allows the dentist or hygienist to clean the roots of affected teeth without the need to pull the gums away from the teeth to visualise the area. Perioscopy® uses a tiny camera that is inserted between the gums and teeth to visualise bacterial deposits on the roots of teeth up to 48 times magnification. This new visualisation technique allows the dentist or hygienist to ensure all toxins are removed from the roots of teeth to treat gum disease without the need for surgery.

Periodontal treatment using the Perioscopy® machine is less expensive and less traumatic than periodontal surgery.