A Whangarei Teeth Whitening overview

One of the first things our patients learn when they come to see us about our Whangarei Teeth Whitening process is the natural color of most people’s teeth is anything but pearly white. In fact, the majority of the population has teeth that are in the range of several shades of light grey to yellow.

There are some other factors that go into the way we see how white someone’s teeth actually are. For example, people with a darker complexion or who wear darker makeup look like they have a brighter set of teeth. It’s only natural that many people are looking to get a brighter smile and there are a large range of different whitening options available on the market today.


The Whangarei Teeth Whitening procedures we offer are professional and efficient.  Some of the options available are peroxide based. They can actually change the color of the tooth itself. There are a number of different techniques and different products that are available and these include a special kind of bleach on your severely stained teeth. They also use a laser light or heat to start the bleaching action.


There’s another method that we suggest quite often. That’s where a custom-made mouthguard is worn for part of each day. These are filled with a special bleach. Another option includes mixing this special ingredient in toothpaste.

It’s important to keep in mind that this should be done under a professionals’ watchful eye. Whangarei Teeth Whitening in a controlled environment of our dental offices is both safe and effective. Remember, we are committed to making sure that you get exactly the dental hygiene processes you are looking for.


One of the other advantages to this cosmetic dentistry procedure through our facility is in the fact that we have state-of-the-art technology. We supply a variety of cosmetic dentistry services and the finest in proactive dental care as well.

Our state-of-the-art technology is efficient, comfortable and effective. Getting an accurate diagnosis is a starting point for keeping your smile bright over the entire course of your lifetime.

For example, our digital x-ray technology allows us to take a look at specific teeth and get all the information that we need in a few seconds.

Comprehensive and thorough. Those are just two of the adjectives we’ve heard used over and over trying to describe our dental services. Of course, that includes our comprehensive Whangarei Teeth Whitening department.

Allan Pollett