Kowhai Dental, Northland, NZ Cleaning and Prevention Tips for Post Periodontal Treatment

We have Northland, NZ cleaning and prevention dental tips that are pretty much proactive. Over the 40 years that we’ve been looking after your family’s dental needs, we’ve been able to supply some home maintenance information people find useful.

For example, it’s pretty common that we will tell our patients of any age they need to brush their teeth twice a day. If you happen to miss a session, you’ll want to make up for it by making sure you brush before going to bed.

Soft toothbrush

It’s important to use a soft bristle toothbrush and place it at a 45° angle to your gums. The Northland, NZ cleaning and prevention tips that we supply also include the best types of toothbrush. We like to suggest electric toothbrushes since they can remove plaque quite effectively and are easy to use.

One of the big benefits to flossing every day is you’ll be able to get underneath the gum line. That’s where a lot of plaque and tartar can build up and where issues like gum disease get a foothold.

Prevention suggestions

Although a lot of our Northland, NZ cleaning and prevention suggestions are geared to proactive measures, some of our patients get gum disease despite their best efforts.

When we treat any type of periodontal disease, the first step is to determine how severe the issue is. The problem starts when bacteria, plaque and tartar build up in the pocket between your gums and tooth.


Depending on the severity and how far along the disease has progressed, we might recommend anything from root planing and scaling to just one or two regular cleanings

Northland, NZ Cleaning and Prevention post op tips

It’s important for our patients to understand that it only takes one day for plaque to turn into calculus. After any periodontal procedure, it’s important to make sure you establish a routine of daily home cleanings to prevent this issue from cropping up. 

Professional cleanings  

We usually suggest that you have regular professional cleanings too. These appointments will include an evaluation and cleaning as well as an examination of any kind of x-rays that we take. These diagnostic x-rays can pinpoint other problems including bone loss and cysts as well as decay and tumors.

Our dental services are geared towards being both proactive and helpful. The Northland, NZ cleaning and prevention tips we offer are designed to head off future issues.

Allan Pollett