A quick guide to Whangarei Overdentures

Whangarei overdentures are an option when some of your natural teeth need to be replaced but there are still some salvageable ones. These Whangarei overdentures are so named because they fit over the original teeth.

There are many different advantages some of which include the fact that any of the natural teeth that you have left sustain your biting pressure. It’s important to remember here that your gums are not built for this reason. That’s why some people have problems with their dentures initially.


The teeth that you have remaining can act like anchors. If this Whangarei overdentures process is done properly, the denture is actually kept more stable. One of the other big advantages is the more natural teeth that you can salvage, the more of your jawbone you can preserve.

It’s often the case with dentures there’s a corresponding loss of bone because the natural teeth are all gone. These overdenture appliances are generally affixed to your jaw and help to rejuvenate it and keep it from disintegrating over time.

Natural teeth

Some of our patients come to us for this procedure and want to know why keeping some of their natural teeth is a good idea. Here are a few good reasons.

  • Your own teeth take some of the biting pressure so less pressure is on the gums. Teeth roots are designed to take biting forces, gum tissue is not!

  • If this process is done correctly, your remaining teeth may help keep the denture more stable. This can make quite a difference in some cases.

  • Maintaining some of your own teeth will mean the bone will be preserved to a degree. This will help keep the gum more solid and there may be less ‘shrinking in’ of the lips and cheeks.

  • Some people find dentures more tolerable if they have some teeth remaining underneath. They get more stability when eating and speaking, so the dentures feel more natural and acceptable.

As it is the lower jaw where problems most often arise with dentures, it is here where Whangarei overdentures may be most beneficial. We pride ourselves on having a compassionate approach to all of your family’s dental needs like this.  

If you take a minute to look at our website, you’ll see that we have a variety of services for everyone in your family. Of course, that includes Whangarei overdentures that are custom fitted. We want you to have the very best in dental care through every phase of your oral development.

Allan Pollett